The Best and Worst of Botox

Published: 17th September 2009
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Are you considering Botox? Disturbed about the perils of getting older? Don't worry, it's normal. Think more about the good things about a Botox procedure and also realize the negatives, and you'll be a step closer to making a good consideration about whether Botox is right for you.

Botox is an abbreviation for "botulinum toxin". In minor amounts, Botox merely interrupts nerve impulses to muscles in the head. The lines on your face when you raise your eyebrows, the wrinkles that appear when you close your eyes, and the lines that appear when you turn that smile upside down are all things that occur with botox.

Luckily, serious side effects like allergic reactions are rare in the procedure. If the doctor messes up the procedure, the worst thing that can happen is that you would lose your ability to open your eyelids all the way. If you get a shot around the mouth, a minute issue could leave you drooling. However, a great procedure can even create problems. You might not be able to frown, move your eyebrows or squint. This can be a problem for entertainment professionals who can't even properly show certain facial expressions due to the process.

However, Botox goes away after a period of time, so even if a problem exists its likely that the problem will fade away. Plus, doing some research on your doctor will reduce the likelihood of an issue with your procedure.

It's also vital to know when getting a Botox procedure will do very little for you. Muscles cause many wrinkles, that come naturally with the lack of elasticity that comes with going gray. While there are treatments for this certain kind of wrinkle, Botox isn't one of them.

Botox is a one of a kind procedure. It isn't a perfect solution, it has a few side effects that will leave you wondering, and not with your facial expressions - however, if you like looking great, young and energetic, it's an option that's worth investigating and investing in.

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